3 Steps To Sing: Handel Messiah (DVD/2CDs) - Bass Voice

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3 Steps To Sing: Handel Messiah (DVD/2CDs) - Bass Voice

Composed in 1741 Handel’s Messiah has remained a popular choice for choir performances for nearly 275 years. With 3 Steps To Sing anyone can now learn and rehearse the piece at home, regardless of their ability to read music.

This easy-to-follow learning method for the Bass part includes the following steps:

Step 1 – Visual Learning DVD

A voice part recorded by a professional singer (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass). The notes and words are displayed on the screen and change colour in time with the music – all you have to do is join in as if singing a duet to learn your part.

Step 2 – Voice Part Rehearsal CD

In this second step a narrator guides you, telling you when to sing and calling out where you are so that you don’t get lost. Rehearse using your vocal score (available separately) and you will soon know the words and be singing the right notes.

Step 3 – Chorus Backing Track CD

Put what you’ve learned into practice with the third step, the Chorus Backing Track CD. Listen out for your part and sing along with the choir and background music – it’s like singing with a real choir.