Hot Licks: Junior Wells - Blues Harmonica

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Hot Licks: Junior Wells - Blues Harmonica

This video will give the true Blues Harp lover a lesson in the blues he or she will never forget! We all know that Junior Wells is the king of Chicago Blues Harp, and on this video he doesn't hold back! Junior demonstrates cross-harp technique, changing keys, bending, cupping, octaves, vibrato, and so much more as he sings, plays, and shouts you through some of his most classic blues songs. Junior tells some great stories of his days with Muddy Waters and Little Walter, and discusses the pros and cons of different amplifiers.

This truly rewarding DVD not only teaches blues harp, or Mississippi Saxophone," as Junior likes to call it, but gives a well-rounded lesson in the blues itself: as a music, a life, a feeling. Truly legendary work!

Junior Wells is one of the most important Chicago Blues artists to have ever lived. Part of the "younger generation" of Chicago Blues players that came up in the sixties, Junior carried on the tradition of such immortals as Sonny Boy Williamson and Little Walter. He has numerous solo albums to his credit, and has recorded and toured off and on with his renowned partner, blues guitar great Buddy Guy.

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