The New Real Book Volume 1 - B Flat Version

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The New Real Book Volume 1 - B Flat Version

For hardcore Jazzers and part-time jazz musicians, The New Real Book is a magnificent and meticulous fake-book collection of Jazz standards, Choice Standards and Pop-Fusion hits! This is an all-purpose book for jazz gigs, weddings, concerts and jam sessions and with over 200 songs inside there’s sure to be the very thing for the situation! Every one of these tunes is a true gem and include terrific compositions by Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, Jaco Pastorius, Jimmy Van Heusen and Thelonius Monk, to name but a few!!

This is the B flat version and, like all Sher Music fake books, it features composer-approved transcriptions, easy-to-read calligraphy, and many extras (such as sample bass lines, chord voicings and drum appendix) not found in conventional fake books.

Created by musicians, for musicians! Easy to work with and extremely worthwhile to have, this volume is the new standard in fake books!

A Little Tear [Deodata, Eumir] [Valle, Paulo]     
A Sleepin' Bee [Arlen, Harold]     
A Weaver Of Dreams [Young, Victor]     
Affirmation [Feliciano, Jose]     
Airegin [Rollins, Sonny]     
All Of Me [Simons, Seymour] [Marks, Gerald]     
All Or Nothing At All [Altman, Arthur]     
Always There [Laws, Ronnie] [Jeffrey, William]     
Ana Maria [Shorter, Wayne]     
Angel Eyes [Dennis, Matt]     
Anthropology [Gillespie, Dizzy] [Parker, Charlie]     
Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) [Kosma, Joseph] [Mercer, Johnny]
Baby, I Love You [Shannon, Ronnie]     
Basin Street Blues [Williams, Spencer]     
Beautiful Love [Young, Victor] [King, W.] [Van Alstyne, E.]     
Bernie's Tune [Miller, Bernie]     
Bird Food [Coleman, Ornette]     
Black Ice [Lorber, Jeff]     
Black Narcissus [Henderson, Joe]     
Blizzard Of Lies [Frishberg, Dave] [Frishberg, Samantha]     
Blue Bossa [Dorham, Kenny]     
Blue Daniel [Rosolino, Frank]     
Blues Connotation [Coleman, Ornette]     
Blues On The Corner [Tyner, McCoy]     
Boogie Down [Jarreau, Al] [Omartian, Michael]     
Both Sides Of The Coin [Brecker, Michael]     
Bouncin' With Bud [Powell, Bud]     
Breakfast Wine [Aldcroft, Randy]     
Breaking Away [Jarreau, Al] [Canning, Tom] [Graydon, Jay]     
But Beautiful [Van Heusen, Jimmy]     
Chain Of Fools [Covay, Don]     
Change Of Mind [Mintzer, Bob]     
Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]     
Chelsea Bridge [Strayhorn, Billy]     
Come Sunday [Ellington, Duke]     
Compared To What [McDaniels, Eugene]     
Creek [Brasil, Victor]     
Crystal Love [Ozone, Makoto]     
Cubano Chant [Bryant, Ray]     
Darn That Dream [Van Heusen, Jimmy]     
Delevans [Lorber, Jeff]     
Desafinado [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]     
Desire [Scott, Tom]     
Dig [Davis, Miles]     
Dindi [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]     
Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me [Ellington, Duke]     
Don't Get Around Much Anymore [Ellington, Duke]     
Don't Go To Strangers [Evans, Redd] [Kent, Arthur] [Mann, Dave]     
Doors [Nock, Mike]     
E.S.P. [Shorter, Wayne]     
Early Autumn [Hermann, Woody] [Burns, Ralph]     
Easy [Jarreau, Al] [Canning, Tom] [Graydon, Jay]     
Eighty One [Carter, Ron]     
Elm [Bierach, Richie]     
Endangered Species [Shorter, Wayne] [Vitarelli, Joseph]     
Everything Happens To Me [Dennis, Matt]     
Fall [Shorter, Wayne]     
Farmer's Market [Farmer, Art]     
Favela [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]     
Feel Like Makin' Love [McDaniels, Eugene]     
Fire [Henderson, Joe]     
First Light [Hubbard, Freddie]     
Foolkiller [Allison, Mose]     
Footprints [Shorter, Wayne]     
Four [Davis, Miles]     
Four Brothers [Giuffre, Jimmy]     
Four On Six [Montgomery, Wes]     
Friends And Strangers [Jeffrey, William]     
Funkallero [Evans, Bill]     
Gaviota [Fischer, Clare]     
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You [Redman, Don]     
Gemini [Heath, Jimmy]     
Gloria's Step [LaFaro, Scott]     
Goin' Home [Ferrante, Russ]     
Gone with The Wind [Wrubel, Allie]     
Good Morning Heartache [Higginbotham, Irene] [Drake, Ervin] [Fisher, Dan]     
Guaruja [Brecker, Randy]     
Hallucinations [Powell, Bud]     
Haunted Ballroom [Feldman, Victor]     
Havona [Pastorius, Jaco]     
Here's That Rainy Day [Van Heusen, Jimmy]     
Hideaway [Sanborn, Dave]     
I Love Lucy [Daniel, Eliot]     
I Mean You [Monk, Thelonious]     
I Should Care [Cahn, Sammy] [Stordhal, Axel] [Weston, Paul]     
I Thought About You [Van Heusen, Jimmy]     
If I Were A Bell [Loesser, Frank]     
If You Never Come To Me [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]     
I'll Take Romance [Oakland, Ben]     
I'm All Smiles [Leonard, Michael]     
Imagination [Van Heusen, Jimmy]     
In Walked Bud [Monk, Thelonious]     
It Happens Every Day [Sample, Joe]     
Jersey Bounce [Bradshaw, Tiny] [Plater, Bobby] [Johnson, Edward]     
Joshua [Feldman, Victor]     
Keep That Same Old Feeling [Henderson, Wayne]     
Killing Me Softly With His Song [Fox, Charles] [Gimbel, Norman]     
La Samba [Obiedo, Ray]     
La Vida Feliz (The Happy Life) [Tyner, McCoy]     
Lady Bird [Dameron, Tadd]     
Last First [Peacock, Gary]     
Last Train From Overbrook [Moody, James]     
Laurie [Evans, Bill]     
Let Me Be the One [Bofill, Angela] [Suchow, Rick] [Palanker, Alan]     
Let's Go Dancin' [Feldman, Victor]     
Like Someone In Love [Van Heusen, Jimmy]     
Line For Lyons [Mulligan, Gerry]     
Little Sunflower [Hubbard, Freddie]     
Little Waltz [Carter, Ron]     
Love Came On Stealthy Fingers [Dorough, Bob]     
Love Dance [Lins, Ivan] [Martins, Vitor]     
Lush Life [Strayhorn, Billy]     
Madagascar [Beirach, Richie]     
Make Me A Memory (Sad Samba) [Washington Jr, Grover]     
Matinee Idol [Ferrante, Russ]     
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy [Zawinul, Joe]     
Misty [Garner, Erroll]     
Modadji [Grusin, Dave]     
Monkey's Uncle [Foreman, Mitchell]     
Monk's Mood [Monk, Thelonious]     
Moonlight In Vermont [Suessdorf, Karl]     
Mornin' [Jarreau, Al] [Foster, David] [Graydon, Jay]     
Morning Dance [Beckenstein, Jay]     
Mr. Clean [Irvine, Weldon]     
Mr. Gone [Zawinul, Josef]     
My Attorney Bernie [Frishberg, Dave]     
My Shining Hour [Arlen, Harold]     
Nature Boy [Ahbez, Eden]     
Nefertiti [Shorter, Wayne]     
Never Givin' Up [Jarreau, Al] [Channing, Tom]     
Never Make Your Move Too Soon [Hooper, Nesbert 'Stix']     
Nigerian Marketplace [Peterson, Oscar]     
Nightplace [Beirach, Richie]     
No Me Esqueca [Henderson, Joe]     
Not Ethiopia [Brecker, Michael]     
Nothing Personal [Grolnick, Don]     
Off Minor [Monk, Thelonious]     
Oleo [Rollins, Sonny]     
Once I Loved [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]     
One Family [Ferrante, Russell]     
One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) [Arlen, Harold]     
Out Of This World [Arlen, Harold]     
Oz [Narell, Andy]     
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) [Jones, Quincy] [Ingram, James]     
Papa Lips [Mintzer, Bob]     
Partido Alto [Bertrami, Jose]     
Pent Up House [Rollins, Sonny]     
Plaza Real [Shorter, Wayne]     
Polkadots and Moonbeams [Van Heusen, Jimmy]     
Portrait Of Tracy [Pastorius, Jaco]     
Promenade [Zeitlin, Denny]     
Put It Where You Want It [Sample, Joe]     
Quintessence [Jones, Quincy]     
Rapture [Land, Harold]     
Re: Person I Knew [Evans, Bill]     
Reincarnation Of A Lovebird [Mingus, Charles]     
Remember Rockefeller At Attica [Mingus, Charles]     
Rio [Feldman, Victor]     
River People [Pastorius, Jaco]     
Robbin's Nest [Jacquet, Batiste 'Illinois'] [Thompson, Charles]     
Ruby, My Dear [Monk, Thelonious]     
Rush Hour [Ferrante, Russell] [Ford, Robben]     
Safari [Brecker, Michael]     
Sandu [Brown, Clifford]     
Satin Doll [Ellington, Duke] [Strayhorn, Billy]     
Save Your Love For Me [Johnson, Buddy]     
Search For Peace [Tyner, McCoy]     
Self Portrait In Three Colors [Mingus, Charles]     
Shaker Song [Beckenstein, Jay]     
Shaw 'Nuff [Parker, Charlie] [Gillespie, Dizzy]     
Simple Samba [Hall, Jim]     
Skylark [Carmichael, Hoagy]     
Small Day Tomorrow [Dorough, Bob]     
Solar [Davis, Miles]     
Someday My Prince Will Come [Churchill, Frank]     
Song For Lorraine [Beckenstein, Jay]     
Sonja's Sanfona [Haslip, Jimmy]     
Soul Sauce (Wachi Wara) [Gillespie, Dizzy] [Pozo, Chano]     
Speak Low [Weill, Kurt]     
Speak No Evil [Shorter, Wayne]     
Spiral [Barron, Kenny]     
St. Thomas [Rollins, Sonny]     
Sticky Wicket [Jarreau, Al] [Graydon, Jay] [Phillinganges, Greg]     
Stormy Weather [Arlen, Harold]     
Street Life [Sample, Joe]     
Sudden Samba [Larsen, Neil]     
Sunrunner [James, Bob]     
Take The 'A' Train [Strayhorn, Billy]     
Tenderly [Gross, Walter] [Lawrence, Jack]     
The Goodbye Look [Fagen, Donald]     
The Island [Lins, Ivor] [Martins, Vitor]     
The Midnight Sun [Hampton, Lionel] [Burke, Sonny]     
The Midnight Sun Will Never Set [Jones, Quincy] [Salvador, Henri]     
The Three Marias [Shorter, Wayne]     
Theme For Ernie [Lacey, Fred]     
There Will Never Be Another You [Warren, Harry]     
These Foolish Things [Strachey, Jack] [Link, Harry]     
This Masquerade [Russell, Leon]     
Three Views Of A Secret [Pastorius, Jaco]     
Time Remembers One Time Once [Zeitlin, Denny]     
Triste [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]     
Tune Up [Davis, Miles]     
Turn Your Love Around [Graydon, Jay] [Lukather, Steve] [Champlin, Bill]
Twisted [Gray, Wardell] [Ross, Annie]     
Unit Seven [Jones, Sam]     
Up Jumped Spring [Hubbard, Freddie]     
Velas (Velas Icadas) [Lins, Ivan] [Martin, Vitor]     
Very Early [Evans, Bill]     
Voyage [Barron, Kenny]     
Waltz For Debby [Evans, Bill]     
Waltz New [Hall, Jim]     
Waterwings [Grusin, Don]     
Wave [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]     
We'll Be Together Again [Fischer, Carl]     
Well You Needn't [Monk, Thelonius]     
West Coast Blues [Montgomery, Wes]     
What's New? [Haggard, Bob]     
Where Is Love? [Bart, Lionel]     
Who Can I Turn To? [Bricusse, Leslie] [Newley, Anthony]     
Wildflower [Shorter, Wayne]     
Willow Weep For Me [Ronell, Ann]     
Witchcraft [Coleman, Cy]     
Yes And No [Shorter, Wayne]     
Young Rabbits [Henderson, Wayne]     
Your Mind Is On Vacation [Allison, Mose]