The Real Book: Volume I - Sixth Edition (C Instruments)

9780634060380 - Hal Leonard LLC

The Real Book is an alternative to the plethora of poorly designed, il

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The Real Book is an alternative to the plethora of poorly designed, illegible, inaccurate and badly edited volumes which abound on the market today. Clear and accurate, the Real Book series aims to provide a selection of music that is both easy to read and enjoyable to perform. Arranged for C instruments, this volume contains 400 songs.

(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons [Best, William] [Watson, Deek]   
(The Old Man From) The Old Country [Adderley, Nat] [Lewis, Curtis, R.]  
500 Miles High [Corea, Chick] [Potter, Neville]    
502 Blues [Rowles, James]    
A Child Is Born [Jones, Thad]    
A Fine Romance [Kern, Jerome] [Fields, Dorothy]    
A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme) [Lai, Francis] [Barouh, Pierre] [Keller, Jerry]    
A Night In Tunisia [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’] [Paparelli, Frank]    
A String Of Pearls [Grey, Jerry]    
A Sunday Kind Of Love [Belle, Barbara] [Prima, Louis] [Leonard, Anita] [Rhodes, Stan]    
African Flower (Petite Fleur Africaine) [Ellington, Duke]    
Afro Blue [Santamaria, Mongo]    
Afternoon In Paris [Lewis, John]    
Água De Beber (Water To Drink) [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [Gimbel, Norman] [De Moraes, Vinicius]    
Airegin [Rollins, Sonny]    
Alfie [Bacarach, Burt] [David, Hal]    
Alice In Wonderland [Fain, Sammy] [Hilliard, Bob]    
All Blues [Davis, Miles]    
All By Myself [Berlin, Irving]    
All Of Me [Simons, Seymour] [Marks, Gerald]    
All Of You [Porter, Cole]    
All The Things You Are [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]    
Alright, Okay, You Win [Watts, Mayme]    
Always [Berlin, Irving]    
Ana Maria [Shorter, Wayne]    
Angel Eyes [Dennis, Matt] [Brent, Earl]    
Anthropology [Parker, Charlie] [Gillespie, Dizzy]    
Apple Honey [Herman, Woody]    
April In Paris [Duke, Vernon] [Harburg, E. Y.]    
April Joy [Metheny, Pat]    
Arise, Her Eyes [Swallow, Steve]    
Armageddon [Shorter, Wayne]    
Au Privave [Parker, Charlie]    
Autumn In New York [Duke, Vernon]    
Autumn Leaves [Kosma, Joseph] [Mercer, Johnny] [Prevert, Jacques]    
Beautiful Love [Young, Victor] [King, Wayne] [Van Alstyne, Egbert] [Gillespie, Haven]    
Beauty And The Beast [Shorter, Wayne]    
Bessie's Blues [Coltrane, John]    
Bewitched [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
Big Nick [Coltrane, Nick]    
Black Coffee [Webster, Paul Francis] [Burke, Sonny]    
Black Diamond [Sealey, Milton]    
Black Narcissus [Henderson, Joe]    
Black Nile [Shorter, Wayne]    
Black Orpheus [Bonfa, Luiz]    
Blue Bossa [Dorham, Kenny]    
Blue In Green [Davis, Miles]    
Blue Monk [Monk, Thelonious]    
Blue Train (Blue Trane) [Coltrane, John]    
Blues For Alice [Parker, Charlie]    
Bluesette [Thielemans, Jean] [Gimbel, Norman]    
Body And Soul [Green, John] [Heyman, Edward] [Sour, Robert] [Eyton, Frank]    
Boplicity (Be Bop Lives) [Davis, Miles] [Evans, Gil]    
Bright Size Life [Metheny, Pat]    
Broad Way Blues [Coleman, Ornette]    
Broadway [Byrd, Bill] [McRae, Teddy] [Woode, Henri]    
But Beautiful [Van Heusen, Jimmy] [Burke, Johnny]    
Butterfly [Hancock, Herbie] [Maupin, Bennie]    
Byrd Like [Hubbard, Freddie]    
Call Me [Hatch, Tony]    
Call Me Irresponsible [Van Heusen, James] [Cahn, Sammy]    
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]    
Captain Marvel [Corea, Chick]    
Central Park West [Coltrane, John]    
Ceora [Morgan, Lee]    
C'est Si Bon [Betti, Henri] [Seelen, Jerry] [Hornez, Andre]    
Chega De Saudade (No More Blues) [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [De Moraes, Vinicius]    
Chelsea Bells [Swallow, Steve]    
Chelsea Bridge [Strayhorn, Billy]    
Cherokee (Indian Love Song) [Noble, Ray]    
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White [Louiguy] [Larue, Jacques] [David, Mack]    
Chippie [Coleman, Ornette]    
Chitlins Con Carne [Burrell, Kenny]    
Come Sunday [Ellington, Duke]    
Como En Vietnam [Swallow, Steve]    
Con Alma [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]    
Conception [Shearing, George]    
Confirmation [Parker, Charlie]    
Contemplation [Tyner, McCoy]    
Coral [Jarrett, Keith]    
Cotton Tail [Ellington, Duke]    
Could It Be You [Porter, Cole]    
Countdown [Coltrane, John]    
Crescent [Coltrane, John]    
Crystal Silence [Corea, Chick]    
D Natural Blues [Montgomery, John L. (Wes)]    
Daahoud [Brown, Clifford]    
Dancing On The Ceiling [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
Darn That Dream [Van Heusen, Jimmy] [DeLange, Eddie]    
Day Waves [Corea, Chick] [Potter, Neville]    
Days And Nights Waiting [Jarrett, Keith]    
Dear Old Stockholm [Varmeland]    
Dearly Beloved [Kern, Jerome] [Mercer, Johnny]    
Dedicated To You [Cahn, Sammy] [Chaplin, Saul] [Hyzaret]    
Deluge [Shorter, Wayne]    
Desafinado [Jobim, Antonio, Carlos] [Mendonca, Newton]    
Desert Air [Corea, Chick]    
Detour Ahead [Ellis, Herb] [Frigo, John] [Carter, Lou]    
Dexterity [Parker, Charlie]    
Dizzy Atmosphere [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]    
Django [Lewis, John]    
Doin' The Pig [Swallow, Steve]    
Dolores [Shorter, Wayne]    
Dolphin Dance [Hancock, Herbie]    
Domino Biscuit [Swallow, Steve]    
Donna Lee [Parker, Charlie]    
Don't Blame Me [McHugh, Jimmy] [Fields, Dorothy]    
Don't Get Around Much Anymore [Ellington, Duke] [Russell, Bob]    
Dream A Little Dream Of Me [Schwandt, Wilbur] [Andree, Fabian] [Kahn, Gus]    
Dreamsville [Mancini, Henry] [Livingston, Jay] [Evans, Ray]    
E.S.P. [Shorter, Wayne]    
Easter Parade [Berlin, Irving]    
Easy Living [Robin, Leo] [Rainger, Ralph]    
Easy To Love (You'd Be So Easy To Love) [Porter, Cole]    
Ecclusiastics [Mingus, Charles]    
Eighty One [Davis, Miles] [Carter, Ronald]    
El Gaucho [Shorter, Wayne]    
Epistrophy [Monk, Thelonious] [Clarke, Kenny]    
Equinox [Coltrane, John]    
Equipoise [Cowell, Stanley]    
Fall [Shorter, Wayne]    
Falling Grace [Swallow, Steve]    
Falling In Love With Love [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum [Shorter, Wayne]    
Follow Your Heart [McLaughlin, John]    
Footprints [Shorter, Wayne]    
For All We Know [Coots, Fred, J.] [Lewis, Sam M.]    
For Heaven's Sake [Meyer, Don] [Bretton, Elise] [Edwards, Sherman]    
Forest Flower [Lloyd, Charles]    
Four [Davis, Miles]    
Four On Six [Montgomery, John L. (Wes)]    
Freddie Freeloader [Davis, Miles]    
Freedom Jazz Dance [Harris, Eddie]    
Full House [Montgomery, John L. (Wes)]    
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You [Redman, John] [Razaf, Andy]    
Gemini [Heath, Jimmy]    
Giant Steps [Coltrane, John]    
Gloria's Step [Le Faro, Scott]    
God Bless' The Child [Herzog Jnr, Arthur] [Holiday, Billie]    
Golden Lady [Wonder, Stevie]    
Good Evening Mr. And Mrs. America [Guerin, John]    
Grand Central [Coltrane, John]    
Groovin' High [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]    
Grow Your Own [Jarrett, Keith]    
Guilty [Kahn, Gus] [Whiting, Richard] [Akst, Harry]    
Gypsy In My Soul [Boland, Clay] [Jaffe, Moe]    
Half Nelson [Davis, Miles]    
Have You Met Miss Jones? [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
Heaven [Ellington, Duke]    
Heebie Jeebies [Atkins, Boyd]    
Hello, Young Lovers [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]    
Here's That Rainy Day [Van Heusen, Jimmy] [Burke, Johnny]    
Hot Toddy [Hendler, Herb] [Flanagan, Ralph]    
House Of Jade [Shorter, Wayne]    
How High The Moon [Lewis, Morgan] [Hamilton, Nancy]    
How Insensitive (Insensatez) [Jobim, Antonio, Carlos] [De Moraes, Vinicius] [Gimbel, Norman]    
How My Heart Sings [Zindars, Earl] [Zindars, Anne]    
Hullo Bolinas [Swallow, Steve]    
I Can't Get Started With You [Duke, Vernon] [Gershwin, Ira]    
I Can't Give You Anything But Love [McHugh, Jimmy] [Fields, Dorothy]    
I Could Write A Book [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good [Ellington, Duke] [Webster, Paul Francis]    
I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart [Ellington, Duke] [Nemo, Henry] [Redmond, John] [Mills, Irving]    
I Love Paris [Porter, Cole]    
I Love You [Porter, Cole]    
I Mean You [Monk, Thelonious] [Hawkins, Coleman]    
I Remember Clifford [Golson, Benny]    
I Should Care [Cahn, Sammy] [Stordahl, Axel] [Weston, Paul]    
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free [Taylor, Billy]    
Icarus [Twoner, Ralph N.]    
If You Never Come To Me (Inutil Paisagem) [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [De Oliveira, Aloysio] [Gilbert, Ray]    
I'll Never Smile Again [Lowe, Ruth]    
I'll Remember April [Johnston, Pat] [Raye, Don] [De Paul, Gene]    
I'm All Smiles [Leonard, Michael] [Martin, Herbert]    
I'm Beginning To See The Light [George, Dan] [Hodges, Johnny] [Ellington, Duke] [James, Harry]    
I'm Your Pal [Swallow, Steve]    
Impressions [Coltrane, John]    
In A Mellow Tone [Ellington, Duke]    
In A Sentimental Mood [Ellington, Duke]    
In The Mood [Garland, Joe]    
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning [Mann, David] [Hilliard, Bob]    
In Your Quiet Place [Jarrett, Keith]    
Indian Lady [Ellis, Don]    
Inner Urge [Henderson, Joe]    
Interplay [Evans, Bill]    
Invitation [Kaper, Bronislam] [Webster, Paul Francis]    
Iris [Shorter, Wayne]    
Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't (Ma' Baby)    
Isn't It Romantic? [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
Isotope [Henderson, Joe]    
Israel [Carisi, John]    
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [Ellington, Duke] [Mills, Irving]    
It's Easy To Remember [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
Jelly Roll [Mingus, Charles]    
Jordu [Jordan, Duke]    
Journey To Recife [Evans, Richard] [Gimbel, Norman]    
Joy Spring [Brown, Clifford]    
Juju [Shorter, Wayne]    
Jump Monk [Mingus, Charles]    
June In January [Robin, Leo] [Rainger, Ralph]    
Just One More Chance [Johnston, Arthur] [Coslow, Sam]    
Kelo [Johnson, J. J.]    
Lady Bird [Dameron, Tadd]    
Lady Sings The Blues [Nichols, Herbert] [Holiday, Billie]    
Lament [Johnson, J.J]    
Las Vegas Tango [Evans, Gil]    
Lazy Bird [Coltrane, John]    
Lazy River [Carmichael, Hoagy]    
Like Someone In Love [Van Heusen, Jimmy] [Burke, Johnny]    
Limehouse Blues [Braham, Philip] [Furber, Douglas]    
Lines And Spaces [Lovano, Joe]    
Litha [Corea, Chick]    
Little Boat (O Barquinho) [Menescal, Roberto] [Boscoli, Ronaldo] [Kaye, Buddy]    
Little Waltz [Carter, Ron]    
Long Ago (And Far Away) [Kern, Jerome] [Gershwin, Ira]    
Lonnie's Lament [Coltrane, John]    
Look To The Sky [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]    
Love Is The Sweetest Thing [Noble, Ray]    
Lucky Southern [Jarrett, Keith]    
Lullaby Of Birdland [Shearing, George] [Weiss, George David]    
Lush Life [Strayhorn, Billy]    
Mahjong [Shorter, Wayne]    
Maiden Voyage [Hancock, Herbie]    
Man In The Green Shirt [Zawinul, Joe]    
Meditation (Meditacao) [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [Mendonca, Newton] [Gimbel, Norman]    
Memories Of Tomorrow [Jarrett, Keith]    
Michelle [Lennon, John] [McCartney, Paul]    
Midnight Mood [Zawinul, Josef]    
Midwestern Nights Dream [Metheny, Pat]    
Milano [Lewis, John]    
Minority [Gryce, Gigi]    
Miss Ann [Dolphy, Eric]    
Missouri Uncompromised [Metheny, Pat]    
Misty [Garner, Erroll]    
Miyako [Shorter, Wayne]    
Moment's Notice [Coltrane, John]    
Mood Indigo [Ellington, Duke] [Mills, Irving] [Bigard, Albany]    
Moonchild [Jarrett, Keith]    
Mr. P.C. [Coltrane, John]    
My Buddy [Donaldson, Walter] [Kahn, Gus]    
My Favorite Things [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]    
My Foolish Heart [Young, Victor] [Washington, Ned]    
My Funny Valentine [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
My One And Only Love [Wood, Guy] [Mellin, Robert]    
My Romance [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
My Shining Hour [Arlen, Harold] [Mercer, Johnny]    
My Ship [Weill, Kurt] [Gershwin, Ira]    
My Way [Revaux, Jacques] [Francois, Claude] [Anka, Paul] [Thibaud, Gilles]    
Mysterious Traveller [Shorter, Wayne]    
Naima (Niema) [Coltrane, John]    
Nardis [Davis, Miles]    
Nefertiti [Shorter, Wayne]    
Never Will I Marry [Loesser, Frank]    
Nica's Dream [Silver, Horace]    
Night Dreamer [Shorter, Wayne]    
Night Train [Forrest, Jimmy] [Washington, Oscar] [Simpkins, Lewis C.]    
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out [Cox, Jimmie]    
Nostalgia In Times Square [Mingus, Charles]    
Nuages [Reinhardt, Django] [Larue, Jacques]    
Oleo [Rollins, Sonny]    
Oliloqui Valley [Hancock, Herbie]    
Once I Loved (Amor Em Paz) (Love In Peace) [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [De Morales, Vinicius] [Gilbert, Ray]    
Once In Love With Amy [Loesser, Frank]    
One Finger Snap [Hancock, Herbie]    
One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So) [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [Mendonca, Newton]   
Only Trust Your Heart [Carter, Benny] [Cahn, Sammy]    
Orbits [Shorter, Wayne]    
Ornithology [Parker, Charlie] [Harris, Bennie]    
Out Of Nowhere [Green, Johnny] [Heyman, Edward]    
P.S. I Love You [Jenkins, Gordon] [Mercer, Johnny]    
Paper Doll [Black, Johnny S.]    
Passion Dance [Tyner, Mccoy]    
Passion Flower [Strayhorn, Billy] [Raskin, Milton]    
Peace [Silver, Horace]    
Peggy's Blue Skylight [Mingus, Charles]    
Pent Up House [Rollins, Sonny]    
Penthouse Serenade [Jason, Will] [Burton, Val]    
Peri's Scope [Evans, Bill]    
Pfrancing (No Blues) [Davis, Miles]    
Pinocchio [Shorter, Wayne]    
Pithecanthropus Erectus [Mingus, Charles]    
Poem For #15 (The Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers) [Kuhn, Steve]    
Portsmouth Figurations [Swallow, Steve]    
Prelude To A Kiss [Ellington, Duke] [Gordon, Irving] [Mills, Irving]    
Prince Of Darkness [Shorter, Wayne]    
Pussy Cat Dues [Mingus, Charles]    
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [Lees, Gene]    
Quiet Now [Zeitlin, Denny]    
Recorda Me [Henderson, Joe]    
Red Clay [Hubbard, Freddie]    
Reflections [Monk, Thelonious]    
Reincarnation Of A Lovebird [Mingus, Charles]    
Ring Dem Bells [Ellington, Duke] [Mills, Irving]    
Road Song [Montgomery, John L. (Wes)]    
'Round Midnight [Monk, Thelonious] [Williams, Cootie] [Hanighen, Bernie]    
Ruby, My Dear [Monk, Thelonious]    
Satin Doll [Ellington, Duke]    
Scotch And Soda [Guard, Dave]    
Scrapple From The Apple [Parker, Charlie]    
Sea Journey [Corea, Chick] [Potter, Neville]    
Seven Come Eleven [Goodman, Benny] [Christian, Charlie]    
Seven Steps To Heaven [Davis, Miles] [Feldman, Victor]    
Sidewinder [Morgan, Lee]    
Silver Hollow [DeJohnette, Jack]    
Sirabhorn [Metheny, Pat]    
Skating In Central Park [Lewis, John]    
So Nice (Summer Samba) [Valle, Marcos] [Valle, Paulo Sergio] [Gimbel, Norman]    
So What [Davis, Miles]    
Solar [Davis, Miles]    
Solitude [Ellington, Duke] [De Lange, Eddie] [Mills, Irving]    
Some Day My Prince Will Come [Churchill, Frank] [Morel, Larry]    
Some Other Spring [Herzog Jnr, Arthur] [Kitchings, Irene]    
Some Skunk Funk [Brecker, Randy]    
Somebody Loves Me [Gershwin, George] [DeSylva, B. G.][MacDonald, Ballard] [Ranaud, Emelia]    
Sometime Ago [Mihanovich, Sergio]    
Song For My Father [Silver, Horace]    
Sophisticated Lady [Ellington, Duke] [Mills, Irving] [Parish, Micthell]    
Speak No Evil [Shorter, Wayne]    
Standing On The Corner [Loesser, Frank]    
Stella By Starlight [Young, Victor] [Washington, Ned]    
Steps [Corea, Chick]    
Stolen Moments [Nelson, Oliver]    
Stompin' At The Savoy [Goodman, Benny] [Sampson, Edgar] [Webb, Chick]    
Straight No Chaser [Monk, Thelonious]    
Stuff [Davis, Miles]    
Sugar [Turrentine, Stanley]    
Swedish Pastry [Kessel, Barney]    
Sweet Georgia Bright [Lloyd, Charles]    
Sweet Henry [Swallow, Steve] [Gregg, Jack]    
Take Five [Desmond, Paul]    
Take The 'A' Train [Strayhorn, Billy]    
Tame Thy Pen [Niles, Richard]    
Tell Me A Bedtime Story [Hancock, Herbie]    
Thanks For The Memory [Robin, Leo] [Rainger, Ralph]    
That's Amoré (That's Love) [Warren, Harry] [Brooks, Jack]    
The Blue Room [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
The Girl From Ipanema (Garôta De Ipanema) [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [Gimbel, Norman] [De Moraes, Vinicius]    
The Green Mountains [Swallow, Steve]    
The Inch Worm [Loesser, Frank]    
The Intrepid Fox [Hubbard, Freddie]    
The Magician In You [Jarrett, Keith]    
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes [Brainin, Jerry] [Bernier, Buddy]    
The Song Is You [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]    
The Sorcerer [Hancock, Herbie]    
The Sphinx [Coleman, Ornette]    
The Star-Crossed Lovers [Ellington, Duke] [Strayhorn, Billy]    
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]    
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise [Seitz, Ernest] [Lockhart, Eugene]    
There Is No Greater Love [Jones, Isham] [Symes, Marty]    
There Will Never Be Another You [Warren, Harry] [Gordon, Mack]    
There'll Be Some Changes Made [Overstreet, Benton] [Higgins, Billy]    
They Didn't Believe Me [Kern, Jerome] [Reynolds, Herbert]    
Think On Me [Cables, George]    
Thou Swell [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
Three Flowers [Tyner, McCoy]    
Time Remembered [Evans, Bill]    
Tones For Joan's Bones [Corea, Chick]    
Topsy [Battle, Edgar] [[Durham, Eddie]    
Tour De Force [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]    
Triste [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]    
Tune Up [Davis, Miles]    
Turn Out The Stars [Evans, Bill] [Lees, Gene]    
Twisted Blues [Montgomery, John, L. (Wes)]    
Unchain My Heart [Sharp, Bobby] [Powell, Teddy]    
Uniquity Road [Metheny, Pat]    
Unity Village [Metheny, Pat]    
Up Jumped Spring [Hubbard, Freddie]    
Upper Manhattan Medical Group (UMMG) [Strayhorn, Billy]    
Valse Hot [Rollins, Sonny]    
Very Early [Evans, Bill]    
Virgo [Shorter, Wayne]    
Wait Till You See Her [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
Waltz For Debby [Evans, Bill] [Lees, Gene]    
Wave [Jobim, Antonio Carlos]    
We'll Be Together Again [Fischer, Carl] [Lane, Frankie]    
Well You Needn't (It's Over Now) [Monk, Thelonious] [Perro, Mike]    
West Coast Blues [Montgomery, John L. (Wes)]    
What Am I Here For? [Ellington, Duke]    
What Was [Corea, Chick]    
When I Fall In Love [Young, Victor] [Heyman, Edward]    
When Sunny Gets Blue [Fischer, Marvin] [Segal, Jack]    
When You Wish Upon A Star [Harline, Leigh] [Washington, Ned]    
Whispering [Coburn, Richard] [Schonberger, John] [Rose, Vincent]    
Wild Flower [Shorter, Wayne]    
Windows [Corea, Chick]    
Witch Hunt [Shorter, Wayne]    
Wives And Lovers (Hey, Little Girl) [Bacharach, Burt] [David, Hal]    
Woodchopper's Ball [Bishop, Joe] [Herman, Woody]    
Woodyn' You [Gillespie, Dizzy]    
Yes And No [Shorter, Wayne]    
Yesterday [Lennon, John] [McCartney, Paul]    
Yesterdays [Kern, Jerome] [Harbach, Otto]    
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life [Wonder, Stevie]    
You Are Too Beautiful [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me [Fain, Sammy] [Kahal, Irving] [Norman, Pierre]   
You Don't Know What Love Is [Raye, Don] [DePaul, Gene]    
You Took Advantage Of Me [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]    
Young At Heart [Richards, Johnny] [Leigh, Carolyn]    
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You [Morgan, Russ] [Stock, Larry] [Cavanaugh, James




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