The Standards Real Book: B Flat Edition

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The Standards Real Book contains almost 600 pages of world-famous transcriptions. Don't go to a gig without it.

Lyrics are included for every tune where they exist. This volume for Bb instruments contains some of the very best songs by George Gershwin, Rodgers & Hart, Harold Arlen, Duke Ellington, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Hoagy Carmichael and more.

After You [Porter, Cole]     
Again [Newman, Lionel] [Cochran, Dorcas]     
Agua De Beber (Water To Drink) [Jobim, A C] [Gimbel, Norman] [De Moraes, Vinicius]     
Ain't No Sunshine [Withers, Bill]     
Alice In Wonderland [Fain, Sammy] [Hilliard, Bob]     
All About Ronnie [Green, Joe]     
All My Tomorrows [Cahn, Sammy] [Van Heusen, James]     
All Of You (Bill Evans) [Porter, Cole]     
All Of You [Porter, Cole]     
All The Way [Cahn, Sammy] [Van Heusen, James]     
All Through The Night [Porter, Cole]     
Alone Together [Dietz, Howard] [Schwartz]     
Am I Blue? [Clarke, Grant] [Akst, Harry]     
And The Angels Sing [Mercer, Johnny] [Elman, Ziggy]     
Anything Goes [Porter, Cole]     
As Time Goes By [Hupfield, Herman]     
As We Speak [Sanborn, Dave] [Sembello, Michael]     
At Last [Warren, Harry] [Gordon, Mack]     
At Long Last Love [Porter, Cole]     
Autumn Nocturne [Gannon, Kim] [Myrow, Josef]     
Bags' Groove [Jackson, Milt]     
Baltimore Oriole [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Webster, Paul Francis]     
Beautiful Friendship, A [Kahn, Donald] [Styne, Stanley]     
Begin The Beguine [Porter, Cole]     
Bess, You Is My Woman [Gershwin, Ira] [Bose, Du] [Heyward, Dorothy]
Best Is Yet To Come, The [Coleman, Cy] [Leigh, Carolyn]     
Bewitched [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Bidin' My Time [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Blackberry Winter [Wilder, Alec] [McGlohon, Loonis]     
Blue And Sentimental [Basie, Count] [Livingstone, Jerry] [David, Mack]
Blue Gardenia [Russell, Bob] [Lee, Lester]     
Blue Room [Rodgers, Ricard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Blues In The Night [Mercer, Johnny] [Arlen, Harold]     
Bluesette [Thielmans, Toots] [Gimbel, Norman]     
Born To Be Blue [Torme, Mel] [Wells, Robert]     
But Not For Me – Coltrane [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
But Not For Me [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Caught Up In The Rapture [Glenn, Garry] [Quander, Dianne]     
Charade [Mancini, Henry] [Mercer, Johnny]     
Christmas Waltz, The [Styne, Jule] [Cahn, Sammy]     
Close Enough For Love [Mandel, Johnny] [Williams, Paul]     
Close To You [Bacharach, Burt] [David, Hal]     
Come Fly With Me [Cahn, Sammy] [Van Heusen, James]     
Continental, The [Magidson, Herb] [Conrad, Con]     
Cottontail [Ellington, Duke]     
Crazy He Calls Me [Russell, Bob] [Sigman, Carl]     
Crazy Rhythm [Meyer, Joseph] [Wolfe Kahn, Roger] [Cesar, Irving]     
Cute [Hefti, Neal]     
Dancing In The Dark [Schwartz, Howard] [Dietz, Arthur]     
Dancing On The Ceiling [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Day In, Day Out [Mercer, Johnny] [Bloom, Rube]     
Days Of Wine And Roses [Mercer, Johnny] [Mancini, Henry]     
Dedicated To You [Cahn, Sammy] [Chaplin, Sauk] [Zaret, H. H.]     
Deep Purple [Parish, Mitchell] [De Rose, Peter]     
Dock Of The Bay, The [Redding, Otis] [Cropper, Steve]     
Don't Be Blue [Guerin, John] [Franks, Michael]     
Don't Worry 'Bout Me [Koehler, Ted] [Bloom, Rube]     
Doodlin' [Silver, Horace]     
Doxy [Rollins, Sonny]     
Dream Dancing [Porter, Cole]     
Dreamsville [Mancini, Henry] [Livingstone, Jay] [Evans, Ray]     
Easy To Love [Porter, Cole]     
Embraceable You [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Everything Must Change [Ighner, Bernard]     
Falling In Love With Love [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Fascinating Rhythm [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Felicidade, A [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [De Moraes, Vinicius]     
Foggy Day, A [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Forest Flower [Lloyd, Charles]     
From This Moment On [Porter, Cole]     
Get Here [Russell, Brenda]     
Get Out Of Town [Porter, Cole]     
Girl From Ipanema, The [Jobim, A. c.] [De Moraes, Vinicius] [Gimbel, Norman]     
Give Me The Simple Life [Ruby, Harry] [Bloom, Rube]     
Good Bait [Dameron, Tadd] [Basie, Count]     
Good Life, The [Reardon, Jack] [Distel, Sacha]     
Have You Met Miss Jones? [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
He Was Too Good To Me [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Hello [Richie, Lionel]     
Hey There [Adler, Richard] [Ross, Jerry]     
Hot House [Dameron, Tadd]     
House Is Not A Home, A [Bacharach, Burt] [David, Hal]     
How Do You Keep The Music Playing? [Legrand, Michel] [Bergman, Marilyn] [Bergman, Alan]     
How Insensitive [Jobim, A. C.] [De Moraes, Vinicius] [Gimbel, Norman]
How Little We Know [Springer, Phillip] [Leigh, Carolyn]     
How Long Has This Been Going On? [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]
I Can't Get Started [Duke, Vernon] [Gershwin, Ira]     
I Concentrate On You [Porter, Cole]     
I Could Write A Book [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
I Cover The Waterfront [Green, John] [Heyman, Edward]     
I Didn't Know About You [Ellington, Duke] [Russell, Bob]     
I Didn't Know What Time It Was [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
I Get A Kick Out Of You [Porter, Cole]     
I Got Rhythm [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues [Arlen, Harold] [Koehler, Ted]     
I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan [Schwartz, Howard] [Dietz, Arthur]
I Had The Craziest Dream [Warren, Harry] [Gordon, Mack]     
I Have The Feeling I've Been Here Before [Kellaway, Roger] [Bergman, Marilyn]     
I Love Paris [Porter, Cole]     
I Love You [Porter, Cole]     
I Loves You Porgy [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira] [Heyward, Dorothy]     
I May Be Wrong [Ruskin, Harry] [Sullivan, Henry]     
I Only Have Eyes For You [Warren, Harry] [Dubin, Al]     
I Say A Little Prayer [Bacharach, Burt] [David, Hal]     
I Want To Be Happy [Youmans, Vincent] [Caeser, Irving]     
I Was Doing All Right [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
I Will Be Here For You [Page, Richard] [Lang, John]     
I Will Wait For You [Legrand, Michel] [Denny, Jaques] [Gimbel, Norman]
I Wish I Knew [Warren, Harry] [Gordon, Mack]     
I Wish I Were In Love Again [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
If There Is Someone Lovlier Than You [Schwartz, Howard] [Dietz, Arthur]
I'm A Fool To Want You [Sinatra Frank] [Wolfe, Jack] [Herron, Joel]     
I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life [Coleman, Cy] [McCarthy, Joseph, A.]     
In The Days Of Our Love [McPartland, Marian] [Lee, Peggy]     
In The Midnight Hour [Pickett, Wilson] [Cropper, Steve]     
Indian Summer [Herbert, Victor] [Dubin, Al]     
Isn't It A Pity [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
It Ain't Necessarily So [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira] [Bose, Du] [Heyward, Dorothy]     
It Had To Be You [Jones, Isham] [Kahn, Gus]     
It Never Entered My Mind [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
It Was A Very Good Year [Drake, Ervin]     
It's All Right With Me [Porter, Cole]     
It's De-Lovely [Porter, Cole]     
It's Magic [Styne, Jule] [Cahn, Sammy]     
It's You Or No One [Styne, Jule] [Cahn, Sammy]     
I've Got A Crush On You [Gershwin, George]     
I've Got You Under My Skin [Porter, Cole]     
Johnny One Note [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Just One Of Those Things [Porter, Cole]     
Lady Is A Tramp, The [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Lester Leaps In [Young, Lester]     
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) [Porter, Cole]     
Li'l Darlin' [Hefti, Neal]     
Lot Of Living To Do, A [Strouse, Charles] [Adams, Lee]     
Love For Sale [Porter, Cole]     
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing [Fain, Sammy] [Webster, Paul Francis]
Love Me Or Leave Me [Donaldson, Walter] [Kahn, Gus]     
Love Speaks Louder Than Words [Champlin, Bill] [Feldman, Richard] [Friedman, Glenn]     
Love Walked In [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Lover, Come Back To Me [Romberg, Sigmund] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Lucky To Be Me [Bernstein, Leonard] [Comden, Betty] [Green, Adolphe]
Lullaby Of Broadway [Warren, Harry] [Dubin, Al]     
Man I Love, The [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Man That Got Away, The [Arlen, Harold] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Meditation [Jobim, A. C.] [Mendoza, Newton] [Gimnel, Norman]     
Minute By Minute [McDonald, Michael] [Abrams, Lester]     
Miss Otis Regrets [Porter, Cole]     
Moondance [Morrison, Van]     
More I See You, The [Warren, Harry] [Gordon, Mack]     
Mountain Greenery [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Mr. Lucky [Mancini, Henry] [Livingston, Jay] [Evans, Ray]     
My Funny Valentine [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
My Heart Stood Still [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
My Man's Gone Now [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Nancy (With The Laughing Face) [Van Heusen, James] [Silvers, Phil]     
Nice Work If You Can Get It [Gershwin, Ira] [Gershwin, George]     
Night And Day [Porter, Cole]     
Not Like This [Lubbock, Jeremy]     
Of Thee I Sing [Gershwin, Ira] [Gershwin, George]     
Oh, Lady Be Good [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Old Country, The [Adderley, Nat] [Lewis, Curtis R.]     
Old Folks [Robison, Willard] [Lee Hill, Dedette]     
On A Clear Day [Lane, Burton] [Lerner, Alan Jay]     
On A Misty Night [Dameron, Tadd]     
One Hundred Ways [Wakefield, Kathy] [Wright, Benjamin] [Coleman, Tony]     
Our Delight [Dameron, Tadd]     
Our Love Is Here To Stay [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
People Make The World Go Round [Bell, Thom] [Creed, Linda]     
Piano In The Dark [Russell, Brenda] [Hull, Jeff] [Cutler, Scott]     
Pick Up The Pieces [Gorrie] [McIntyre] [Stuart] [Duncan] [McIntosh]     
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone [Clare, Sidney] [Stept, Sam H.] [Palmer, Bene]     
Put On A Happy Face [Strouse, Charles] [Adams, Lee]     
Real Love [McDonald, Michael] [Henderson, Patrick]     
Red Clay [Hubbard, Freddie] [Murphey, Mark]     
Rockin' In Rhythm [Ellington, Duke] [Mills, Irving] [Carney, Harry]     
Round Midnight [Monk, T.] [Williams, C.] [Hanighen, B.]     
S Wonderful [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Sabia [Jobim, A. C.] [Buarque, Cico] [Gimbel, Norman]     
Saving All My Love For You [Masser, Michael] [Goffin, Gerry]     
Secret Love [Fain, Sammy] [Webster, Paul Francis]     
September in the Rain [Warren, Harry] [Dubin, Al]     
Serenade In Blue [Warren, Harry] [Gordon, Mack]     
Shiny Stockings [Foster, Frank] [Fitzgerald, Ella]     
Since I Fell For You [Johnson, Buddy]     
Slow Hot Wind [Mancini, Henry] [Gimbel, Norman]     
So In Love [Porter, Cole]     
So Nice (Summer Samba) [Valle, Marcos] [Valle, Paul Sergio] [Gimbel, Norman]     
Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise [Romburg, Sigmond] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]     
Some Other Time [Bernstein, Leonard] [Comden, Betty] [Green, Adolphe]     
Somebody Loves Me [Gershwin, Ira] [Gershwin, George]     
Someone To Watch Over Me [Gershwin, Ira] [Gershwin, George]     
Something To Talk About [Eikhard, Shirley]     
Sometimes I'm Happy [Youmans, Vincent] [Caesar, Irving]     
Song For You, A [Russell, Leon]     
Soon [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Soul Man [Hayes, Isaac] [Porter, David]     
Stormy Weather [Arlen, Harold] [Koehler, Ted]     
Strike Up The Band [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Stuck On You [Richie, Lionel]     
Suite Judy Blue Eyes [Stills, Stephen]     
Summer Knows, The [Legrand, Michel] [Bergman, Alan] [Bergman, Marilyn]     
Summer Night [Warren, Harry] [Dubin, Al]     
Summertime [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Sunny [Hebb, Bobby]     
Sure Enough [Lang, J.] [George, S.] [Page, R.] [George, S.]     
Sweet Georgia Brown [Bernie, Ben] [Pinkard, Maceo] [Casey, Kenneth]
Take Five [Desmond, Paul]     
Takin' It To The Streets [Mcdonald, Michael]     
Tea For Two [Youmans, Vincent] [Caesar, Irving]     
Teach Me Tonight [DePaul, Gene] [Cahn, Sammy]     
That Certain Feeling [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
That Sunday (That Summer) [Sherman, Joe] [Weiss, David]     
That's What Friends Are For [Bacharach, Burt] [Bayer Sager, Carole]     
Then I'll Be Tired Of You [Schwartz, Arthur] [Harburg, E. Y. “Yip”]     
There's A Small Hotel [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
There's No You [Hopper, Hal] [Adair, Tom]     
They All Laughed [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
They Can't Take That Away From Me [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]
This Heart Of Mine [Warren, Harry] [Freed, Arthur]     
This Is Always [Warren, Harry] [Gordon, Mack]     
Those Eyes [Passos, Roas] [De Oliveira, Fernando] [Walsh, Brock]     
Thou Swell [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Through The Fire [Foster, David] [Keane, Tom P.] [Weil, Cynthia]     
Time After Time [Styne, Jule] [Cahn, Sammy]     
Time For Love, A [Mandel, Johnny] [Webster, Paul Francis]     
Time On My Hands [Youmans, Vincent] [Adamson, Harold] [Gordon, Mack]     
Tis Autumn [Nemo, Henry]     
Tokyo Blues [Silver, Horace]     
Too Marvelous For Words [Whiting, Richard A.] [Mercer, Johnny]     
Too Much Sake [Silver, Horace]     
Trouble Is A Man [Wilder, Alec]     
Twilight World [McPartland, Marian] [Mercer, Johnny]     
Two For The Road [Mancini, Henry] [Bricusse, Leslie]     
Underdog, The [Cohn, Al] [Frishberg, Dave]     
Until It's Time For You To Go [Sainte-Marie, Buffy]     
Until The Real Thing Comes Along [Holiner, M.] [Nichols, A.] [Cahn, S.] [Chapin, S.] [Freeman, LE]     
Valdez in the Country [Hathaway, Donny] [Lee, Walter] [Moss, Frank]     
Walk On By [Bacharach, Burt] [David, Hal]     
Walkin' [Carpenter, Richard]     
We're in This Love Together [Murrah, Roger] [Stegall, Keith]     
What A Fool Believes [McDonald, Michel] [Loggins, Kenny]     
What Am I Here For? [Ellington, Duke] [Laine, Frankie]     
What Is This Thing Called Love? [Porter, Cole]     
What The World Needs Now Is Love [Bacharach, Burt] [David, Hal]     
Wheelers & Dealers [Frishberg, Dave]     
When A Man Loves A Woman [Lewis, Calvin] [Wright, Andrew]     
When The World Was Young [Block, Phillip] [Mercer, Johnny] [Vannier, Angele]     
When Your Lover Has Gone [Swan, E. A.]     
Where Or When [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
Who Cares? [Gershwin, George] [Gershwin, Ira]     
Why Try To Change Me Now? [Coleman, Cy] [McCarthy, Joseph]     
With A Song In My Heart [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
You And The Night And The Music [Schwartz, Arthur] [Dietz, Howard]     
You Are There [Mandel, Johnny] [Frishberg, Dave]     
You Are Too Beautiful [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
You Do Something To Me [Porter, Cole]     
You Go To My Head [Coots, J. Fred] [Gillespie, Haven]     
You Make Me Feel Brand New [Bell, Tom] [Creed, Linda]     
You Make Me Feel So Young [Myrow, Josef] [Gordon, Mack]     
You Taught My Heart To Sing [Tyner, McCoy] [Cahn, Sammy]     
You Took Advantage Of Me [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]     
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To [Porter, Cole]     
You'll Never Know [Warren, Harry] [Gordon, Mack]     
You're The Top [Porter, Cole]