Basic DJ Techniques

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Basic DJ Techniques

A complete, yet pocket-sized, foundation course in the art of Turntablism and DJing. Produced with and accredited by Point Blank London, this pint-sized pocket guide contains everything you need to fully master your Turntables put together a storming crowd-pleaser of a set.

The book begins with an in-depth look at DJ culture and the growing popularity of the Turntable as an instrument, before diving into a complete dissection of your equipment set up, including how to balance your cueing arm and find the cut-point on your crossfader. Then the fun really begins! A fully comprehensive tutorial introduces you to:

  • Drop mixing and using tone controls
  • All aspects of beat mixing from spotting compatible tunes to cueing and pitching
  • A library of tricks including teaser drop-ins, EQ and phasing, A Cappella mixing and beat juggling
  • All aspects of scratching, basic and advanced scratches, back to back mixing, advanced beat juggling and more
A further chapter gives sound advice on putting all your new techniques together and formulating a set. You will learn all about the facilities of digital mixing, using CDs or MP3s, and also how to get gigs, make demos and use word of mouth to your advantage!

Packed with advice, anecdotes and clear diagrams, this book will give you everything you need to start developing your reputation as a superstar DJ!